A Magical Trip Through The Desert

It is a place where you can enjoy every bit by adventure, fun and exciting roller coaster ride on the sand dunes. Not only this but you can enjoy dream dinner and Belly dance in Desert Safari.

The desert safaris are for those who wish for some adventure along with safety. Activities like camel safaris, desert safaris through out the days are enjoyed by everybody. A certain addition that has become the latest craze among people in dubai desert safari is sand skiing.

Camel Safari in Rajasthan is yet another package which attracts many tourists interested in Camel safari. The package ensures that you enjoy your trio to the fullest and get a chance to live your desert dream. The trip begins at Jaisalmer in the village Haswa. Explore this small village set in deserts and stay there in camps for the night. Bhoo village is another stop during your camel walk. Explore the Bhilon-ki-Dhani in the Bhoo village. The next you get to see Devikot, a small village famous for its temples. Stay there overnight in a camp and enjoy the seeing beautiful sky full of sparkling stars and moon.

All the festivities that take place during the fair are very entertaining. There are competitions like the matka phod, longest moustache or the bridal contest. They are original games and provide the locals with quite a lot of interest as well as provide the tourists with extreme delight and fascination. There are folk dances and singing competitions happening all around. There are also stalls selling traditional artwork and hand crafted items in absolutely vibrant and striking colors. For the foodies, there are many kiosks and other open spaces Desert Safari Offer cultural delights. They are available in sweet, as well as salty bite sized treats. If spicy and tangy is your favorite then a person will not at all be disappointed. The Rajasthani food comprises of a lot of spicy seasonings.

Live life like never before in Dubai where all fun times get set to roll. Modhesh is everybody’s fun mascot. It is something like out of the juke box and straight into people’s especially kids’ hearts. ‘Enjoy with me’ he sort of say. It’s real cool fun to have this mascot for keeps at home.

Avoid buying impulsively. Most Dubai Desert Safari campsites in Dubai also offer souvenirs at a much higher price. You can also buy these souvenirs from local shopping malls and the prices are lower. You should also beware of people who may want to take advantage of you and your money. Some vendors may ask you for your name or offer to print your name in sand-filled bottles. When you give them your name, they automatically expect you to buy the bottles.

I had booked a tour of Dubai through one of the tour operators. I participated in many different tours during my stay at Dubai, and the one I enjoyed the most is the desert safari in Dubai. I wish to share my experience during this safari program.

If you want to check out a seaside you have the opportunity to get a seaside resort Dubai and relish the drinking water from your personal area. A resort in Dubai is quite readily available and you can select the one that has conveniences that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a leave experience Dubai or basically trying to discover a awesome calming way to invest your vacation, there is something to be discovered in one of these visits. Personalize it to satisfy your needs and see how much fun you have once you appreciate the attractions and appear to be of Dubai.

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