Enhance The Look Of Your Kitchen With An Electric Roaster Oven

This year the unthinkable happened to us right before thanksgiving. Our old electric stove gave up and we had no way of getting a new stove on time for the big meal. There I was with over 15 lb turkey waiting in the refrigerator scratching my head wondering what to do.

A portable gas grill which looked like something we had to have was another purchase. It used these tiny bottles of propane, had fold out arms and was great for using on camping trips or anywhere you might want to take your grill. My husband opened it up one time, cooked two hamburgers, folded it back up, and there it sits all silver and shining on our screened-in porch.

And the same holds true for cleaning appliances. I don’t want vacuum cleaners, irons or cute little trays for carrying around bathroom cleaning supplies. I don’t care how many decorations you put on those things, it still doesn’t make that job any more pleasant. The only way I could possibly open that gift and look excited about such things is if they were attached to a sturdy housekeeper.

So what do I want for Christmas? I want my family to be healthy. I want one day as a large family unit where nobody gets in a disagreement and fusses about something that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. I want others to understand that gifts should not have monetary value so much as they have love behind them. I want people to remember that it’s Christmas, not Xmas, and to rejoice in a season of peace and compassion toward their fellow man. Will I get these things? We can hope. After all, isn’t that what the season is really about anyway?

Some people get up early on Thanksgiving Day and put the turkey in and cook it in a few hours. Then they wonder why the turkey is a little tough. Cooking Thanksgiving turkey overnight is the best way to enjoy very tender, flavorful turkey. You can cook the turkey in a gas oven on low heat and it will be very tender when you finish it on Thanksgiving Day. But cooking overnight with gas is a little dangerous. I usually stay up all night if I cook with gas, cooking on low, about 200 degrees, and about 7:00am turn the heat up to about 350 degrees to finish in about two hours.

Whichever vehicle I use to cook the chicken, it is most important that I flip the chicken over (breast-side up) halfway through the cooking time and sprinkle with the spices or rub with compound butter. There is no need to use oil, the skin should be glistening with juices. I cook the chicken at 350 – 375 degrees for a moist, tender chicken, usually about 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours or until the internal temp reaching 165 -170 degrees taken at the thickest part of the thigh where it meets the breast. *The NuWave roasts faster than the convection oven or roaster ovens, so cooking by temperature rather than time is essential to the perfectly-roasted chickens or turkey.

This is a highly versatile device that helps you to cook almost anything. This oven is very popular amongst the top chefs in various hotels and restaurants as it helps them to cook the meal quickly. It helps in keeping your dishes warm a fresh for a long period of time. So, what are you waiting for, just purchase this oven and enjoy a great experience cooking your favorite meals.

4) Roast according to your turkey’s weight and until a thermometer inserted into the thigh reads 165 degrees. Partway though cooking, flip the turkey over, breast-side up, season again if desired..

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