It’s 2011, Why Don’t We Have A Cure For Baldness Yet?

When several remedies fail to produce the desired result, the only alternative to prevent the hair loss is opting for hair transplantation or grafting. The treatments are medically proven and are sure to produce good outcome in the near future. If you are losing the hair on the crown or on the receding line then it is known as Male Pattern Baldness. This is a genetically derived disease which passes on one generation to the other. It can be derived from your mother or father. Scientifically it is termed as Androgenic Alopecia.

hair treatment in nashik surgery per treatment (most treatments = two sessions) $7,000-$12,000 per session. Topical treatments range from $25.00 to $50.00 a month.

Earlier, filling hair was done by hair plugs which looked unnatural. Today hair transplantation surgery has made things go easy, if you are not interested in surgery you can fill the hair with non surgical procedures like hair waves. That is in this process natural or synthetic hair is woven in with your head so that it appears to be natural.

Hair Conditioning: Natural oils present in the hair are lost due to shampooing. This disturbs the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle), makes it messy and turns your hair rough and unmanageable.

B) Telogen effluvium – there is shedding of best hair transplant involving the whole scalp. This may be chronic, but on the other hand it could be acute following stress to the body such as high fever, starvation, blood loss, etc.

Hair transplant is always an expensive affair. So there is absolutely no point in looking for the cheapest option. Choosing a cheap transplant expert can end up with poor results and it may also leave visible scarring. On the other side, it doesn’t mean that choosing the most expensive clinic will provide you with excellent results. What you should look for is a qualified surgeon who performs the surgery at a cost-effective price.

Transplant hair is a Cosmetic surgery, Hair transplant and Laser clinic managed by Dr. Rohit Nayar and his team. Dr. Rohit Nayar (M.S, M.Ch) is a Senior Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in active practice for last 17 yrs. He cleared his Super Specialization in Plastic Surgery in 1993, following which he had extensive training in India, U S A, Singapore and other centers for Cosmetic Surgery, having numerous publications and awards to his credit.

Even the best hair transplant doctors would tell you that you need to give your hair the best care if you don’t want to needlessly lose more. These natural methods will give you a cheaper solution which is also safer. So incorporate this into your regimen and give your hair that healthy boost.

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