Jogging Safety – The Telescopic Stun Baton

Unfortunately, every parent knows the fear of losing a child. Some parents go to extremes to keep their children safe, while others keep a looser leash in order to allow them to grow and learn responsibility. Too many kids get abducted each year, either by estranged family members, acquaintances, or total strangers.

If you can complete a service in 15 minutes or less, $4 is a fantastic deal. The more services you list, the more clients you’ll get and you might find yourself with steady work, sooner rather than later.

1) Review Hallways, Doors, and Stairs. Go through your home to uncover any problems that an elderly person might have in navigating. Perhaps a low table should be moved out of the way or the lightening is not sufficient to see clearly. Also check stairway railings to be sure that they are securely fastened and easy to hold on to.

Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. Try to make your purchases using a personal check, credit card, or ATM card if you can. When you do have to pay with cash only pull out what is needed. Keep the rest of your money hidden from view. Save your most expensive purchases for last, so you can head straight home afterward.

Teach your kids to use personal alarm s in an emergency. If they feel threatened by someone older and stronger than they are and can’t get to someone they trust for help, they can use a pepper spray which will attract attention with its high pitched scream. Either the threatening person will leave or someone will come over to see what’s going on, rescuing the child from the situation.

Make sure that you always lock your car doors. Don’t leave small change lying visible in your car. Many ruffians will break your car window just to get the small change; something that can ensure them their next meal.

If you find yourself answering online dating service ads you need to be extremely careful. ALWAYS arrange meetings in public places. Never allow yourself to be trapped in a private location arranged by a stranger. Make sure a close friend or relative knows where you will be meeting and at what time. These meetings are best arranged in the daytime as opposed to in the evening or later at night. Pepper Spray is a must in this situation. One of the disguised models, such as a spray hidden in a lipstick case would be perfect. A personal alarm would also be recommended.

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