Reiki Therapy An Effective Healing Method

Last week I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the Hollywood and TV star Brent Spiner (Data on the Star Trek Next Generation series) at an exposition and explain to him the benefits of Reiki.

One of the strange consequences of all of the secrecy surrounding the Reiki symbols is that there is now much debate about which is the correct original form of the four major symbols. Because people were working from memory, and memory can fade over time, different renditions of the symbols have emerged.

And whats so amazing about reiki sessions in south west london is that its simple technique to learn, just the touch of the hands it then improve ones health and enhance the quality of life. reiki therapist is a pure energy form that cleanse within ones emotional and spiritual consciousness.

Our bodies pile up with toxins not only because of the unhealthy habits we have but also because of the kind of lifestyle we live. In order to flush out the toxins from within us, the Reiki therapy can be used. This is a natural method to pump out the body’s harmful toxins and elements.

Supposing you just had surgery and you are worried over getting back to work so you will not fall behind in your finances. This simple worry can cause you a great amount of stress that would delay your physical healing process from that surgery. This would be a good example of a time you could benefit a lot from Reiki. The relaxation you would have after one treatment would leave with good feelings about the timing of your surgery and your job.

If a person is worried about a future event, distant Reiki healing can be used to let go of the worry. One of the principles of Reiki, as taught by Dr. Usui, is “Don’t worry today”. So, we try to let go of anything that would cause us worry by using Reiki energy.

I would say anything that reduces stress levels, I would give it a fair trial. I know many Brides that have had a Reiki session apx two weeks before the wedding, and then had a Reiki practitioner come to the house on the morning of the wedding day, working on the bride, the bridesmaids and especially the Mother of the bride. I know it makes a great deal of difference to how the big day has gone. The stress is relieved to a great extent to every-one’s relief.

That makes the secrecy about the Reiki symbols very amusing, because it was a total waste of time. The training surrounding the symbols and using them to enhance the healing energy in a Reiki Therapy session is the only thing that matters in the end. The mechanical reproduction of the symbols might make you a great artist, but it won’t make you any good at Reiki therapy!

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