Top Ten Songs By Chicago

The modern day country genre overflows with love songs from Taylor Swift, borderline pop hits from Sugarland and Rascal Flatts and now even rap from Jason Aldean. For some traditional country fans, this may all seem a little too far away from your country roots. If you prefer a fiddle and a banjo or some lyrics with a little attitude, you might want to gas up the pickup this weekend and head out to the Lincoln County Fair in Troy, Missouri.

“Officially mamasox, I mean walkersox! Hahaha that’s hilarious J” Bowersox reported to her followers on Twitter. In keeping to her hippie-chic style, the glowing bride wore a hemp and cotton gown by designer Tara Lynn, and though no specifics were noted for the groom, it’s probably a safe bet that jeans were in order. Fellow Idol contestant Didi Benami was in attendance, and Crystal’s one-year-old toddler son, Tony, was ringbearer, Walker designed the couple’s rings, and the couple wrote their own vows. The couple’s cake was a Laughing Buddha from the local Bleeding Heart bakery, a local organic sustainable establishment. The ceremony was held at the club where the two first met at an open mike night.

The song was banned on the BBC because of the “Christ” reference and also on some of the Bible belt radio stations in America thanks to the earlier controversy surrounding Lennon’s Jesus remark.

But how would you decide on this matter? How to choose the best wedding song for that memorable day by the way? It might be easy to think of those beautiful buy beats that we hear over the radio. Yes, that might works for you but how about the memory that it brings to your love story? Did it ever touch or play a certain role when you were having ups and downs? Well apparently, these are the questions that might help you decide on what could be the best wedding songs for your once in a lifetime event.

Now sit back and relax…here is where you are going to change your life. I can 100% guarantee if you have an open mind and a willing heart that you can not only get “YOU” back, but you can become the person you were destined to be. We all have a purpose, we all all destined for something great NO MATTER HOW YOU ARE FEELING NOW.

You may think that you were born for each other, when you finally find each other along life’s thorny paths, but the fact remains that your partner would have had someone in their life before you came along. They would have loved someone else too, and have thought at that time to make it last. Maybe it wasn’t that strong as it is with you, but still it was at one point of time, an important relationship. Never, never try to drag that part of their lives into your discussions and arguments. If they have revealed some vulnerable feelings regarding that old flame, then never make a mockery of it in your less decent moments. It will kill the beauty of your own relationship with them; maybe even fill them with revulsion about you as a person. You may lose that love sooner than it was meant to be.

A bridal shower gift that is customized is always going to feel especially personal and thoughtful. Don’t be afraid to stray from the registry to get something special and unique for the bride. Your personalized shower gift will be much more memorable than another basic item from a list.

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