Twelve Keys To Better Sleep

This is a list of what I believe are the ten most important things anyone can do to improve their sleep. Whether it`s the occasional couple of nights of restless sleep or if it`s full blown insomnia, these tips helped me and other people I know tremendously.

Chamomile – 75 mg. You may be more familiar with this herb, which is related to the daisy family. Be advised if you suffer from hayfever, you may be allergic to this plant. It is well known for its calming properties and is commonly found in herbal teas that are used as a relaxer.

There is nothing worse than hearing a loud yawn or growl just as you are about to sink into a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, if your partner has insomnia, you may wind up being jarred awake several times during the night. Regardless of whether or not your partner takes a melatonin best sleeping supplement, you may want to give it a try. At the very least, it may protect your own circadian rhythm from being damaged.

When going on a road trip, try to avoid rush hour. If you can’t plan your trip where you won’t be driving during rush hour, use that time to stop for a break. It can be a good time to get something to eat or to just let the kids get out and run around for a bit.

If you are pregnant or overweight, this will also contribute to snoring. You will want to let your doctor know about snoring when you are pregnant. This will affect the amount of oxygen you and your baby are getting while you are pregnant. If you are overweight, you will want to talk to your doctor about a plan to rid yourself of some weight. This can also help you with snoring. Extra weight around the neck and chest can contribute to snoring along with sleeping on your back. A simple home remedy for snoring may be all you need to help you sleep better.

Ambien CR has two different layers. One layer helps you fall asleep while the other helps you stay asleep. The regular version just helps you fall asleep.

All of these tips are derived from psychology, physiology, scientific research and my own experiences. This is just a simple guide of the best tips I’ve read and discovered and, most importantly tried and tested my self.

Sometimes it maybe difficult to select the right natural sleep aid, you may have to try a few before you find one that works for you with very few side effects.

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